What is PlayAnalyzer?

Video Play Analysis Software for Football

PlayAnalyzer by PlayTrack Sports help coaches, teams and players study video so they can improve their performance.



Using PlayTrack Sports software, every play on video may be tagged with offense/defense, down, distance, score, team names, players involved, yards lost or gained, touchdown, interception, run, pass, kick, punt, PAT, etc, etc.

Now you can find any clip from thousands of plays in seconds, literally. Watch how fast you can find a video clip in this 60 second demonstration:

You can play back video any any way you want.  Want to review defensive plays only for last night’s game?  No problem.  How about just the highlights.  You can watch the whole game in about 5 minutes just by watching plays marked as “Game Highlight.”  If you want, you can watch all the plays by one player – and even export those clips to a play list or new video file.

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