Recommended equipment

I have personally used everything on this page and I can recommend them to you with the expectation you should have good results. However, your actual results may vary, of course, depending on your experience. If you have other equipment you would like to suggest to others, feel free to comment.


The Sony HDRCX580V performed well. The low light action performance, such as under football stadium lights, is pretty good. There is some blurring when panning or of fast-moving players. It records at 60p (that’s 60 full frames per second) at full 1080p HD (1920 x 1080). This camera comes with a lens hood included in the package.

The Canon HF M50 was a solid performer but I found that it blurred too much in the low light action. The image looks great with sufficient light, when there’s not a lot of fast action, or if you can follow the subject accurately.


A tripod is highly recommended. Us a tripod with a fluid head. The fluid head reduces jerky movements and ensure smooth panning of the action. Avoid using a photography tripods. They don’t have fluid heads.
This is a solid tripod with an adjustable head. This allows you to level the head (and camera) if you have to adjust the tripod legs which is sometimes necessary when filming a football game in a small press box.

Camera Accessories

The lens hood is for the Canon camera and helps to reduce lens flare caused by stadium lights.  A must when recording night games under the lights.  This items fits the Canon HF M50 shown above and screws on the the lens filter threads.


Memory Cards

These are very cool USB adapters for micro SD cards. The USB adapter is about the size of your pinky, a little more than one inch long. Very small, very convenient. Just don’t lose it. Choose the size you want. I have two of the 8GB. You can just buy the 8GB to get the USB adapter, and just use your own microSD card of any size.


We used Sony Movie Studio Platinum to produce the video effects in the videos found on the Videos page.  We also used it to edit out some of my mistakes.  Powerful software.  With some practice you can do some really cool stuff.



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