PlayTrack for Football

PlayTrack Sports for Football 

allows you to play back video any way you want, quickly and easily.  Want to review defensive plays only for last night’s game?  No problem.  How about just the highlights? Want to search for only 3rd down pass plays?  With PlayTrack Sports for Football, you can even publish game video to a web site.

PlayTrack Sports has helped coaches, players and fans see game video the way they want, when they want and where they want.

What is it?

PlayTrack Sports is software for dynamically viewing football video and publishing searchable video to the web for players or fans to watch.


Desktop version

You use the software to catalog every play with offense/defense, down, distance, score, team names, players involved, yards lost or gained, touchdown, interception, run, pass, kick, punt, PAT, etc, etc.  AND, it’s much easier than you may think.  Now you can find any clip from thousands of plays in seconds, literally!

Web-based version

Web-based version

It is made up of two core software components.  A “desktop” component for searching and viewing videos on a desktop or laptop computer and an optional Web-based version for publishing video to your audience.  The desktop version can be used on the bus, on the plane, or anywhere even if you don’t have an internet connection.  The Web-based version can be viewed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

For Teams

Football teams maximize film study time by breaking into smaller groups and studying video specifically for that group.  The team can publish video to a web site so fans can watch or so coaches and players can access video from anywhere. Coaches can study film of opponents to find tendencies.

For players or fans

Imagine having played football in high school or college.  You may have an entire stack of DVDs from games filmed for your team(s).  Thinking back about cool plays or situations from games, you want to find and watch those plays.  Reliving a specific moment from one of those DVDs would take forever to find.  You love having the video, but hate trying to find specific clips.  Also, imagine you wanted to make a highlight video.  It can take hours and hours to look through video to find clips to include.  With PlayTrack Sports, all of this is very easy to do.

For college scouting

High school players often want video to give to college scouts.  With PlayTrack Sports, players can make highlight videos to send to college scouts or give scouts access to entire games.