Play Track Sports-What is it, where did it come from?

The software catalogs every play with offense/defense, down, distance, score, team names, players involved, yards lost or gained, several attributes like touchdown, interception, run, pass, kick, punt, PAT, etc, etc.Now I can find any clip from thousands of plays in seconds, literally!

What is it?

PlayTrack Sports is a project I started to keep track of football video of my son and his team.  We use it to catalog every play with everything I want to know.

Now we can play back video any any way we want, quickly and easily.  Want to review defensive plays only for last night’s game?  No problem.  How about just the highlights.  I can watch the whole game in about 5 minutes just by watching plays marked as “Game Highlight.”  The main thing I can do, which is what I wanted, is watch only my son’s plays.

Why I did this

Having a daughter already graduated high school and participated in two varsity sports, I have an entire stack of DVDs from games I filmed for her teams.  I think back about cool plays or situations from games.  Reliving a specific moment from one of those DVDs would take forever to find and play.  I love having the video, but I hate trying to find specific clips. For one of her volleyball banquets I decided to make a highlight film.  It literally took me hours and hours to look through digital video to find clips to include.  Everyone enjoyed the final product and I still watch it from time to time, but it took me at least 10 hours to produce a 4 minute highlight film.

Never again!

When my son started high school football, I really looked forward to capturing all the action.  But I hated the idea of being stuck with another stack of DVDs that I would most likely never watch.

After cataloging 2 years of video and over 2000 plays, I can find his first interception his freshmen

Team celebrating after interception

Team celebrating after interception

year in less than 10 seconds – no joke.  Ok, so I just tried it.  The first time it took 15 seconds for me to click the handful of buttons.  I tried again and it took 10.9 seconds.  You get the point.  Wow, what a feeling I just got watching it again, even with the pixelated, low quality donated camera we used.  You can barely even make out the numbers on the jersey on the wide angle shots with that thing.  When I volunteered to film they said they had a new camera someone donated.  It got the job done, but that thing should have been ashamed to call itself a digital camera.

For the next season, I bought a high quality camera with full HD.  What a difference.  I love watching and re-watching these clips.  I just watched his first touchdown from his sophomore year, in HD.  Pretty sweet.

First touchdown

First touchdown

So what?

Well, that was the beginning.  I created the software mainly for myself.  But I have to believe that there are others out there who would love to take advantage of it.  So, I’m making an effort to make it available to teams or parents who would like to use it.

Who could benefit

Football teams, definitely.  I used the software to catalog every play for every game and used it to upload to another commercial play analyzer that our team used (more on that in another post).  Coaches had all this valuable information at their fingertips.  They planned to come in on Saturdays, four coaches, and spend at least a half hour marking up plays.  With PlayTrack, all that work was done by the end of the game.  By the time they got up Saturday morning, it was all ready for them.

Parents and fans.  Since I’m a parent and fan, this is my main objective.  I wanted the video for myself.  Since I was already doing it, why not help out the team, right?  But I know parents and grandparents would love to be able to watch and re-watch their kids glorious moments after the game.

Players.  Players can watch their play and make changes to make themselves better.  Parents and players can analyze the game, frame-by-frame if they want to.


So this was the genesis of PlayTrack Sports.  My goal is to get this in the hands of parents, coaches and players so they can enjoy this valuable resource of video.

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