How PlayTrack Sports helps you


Replay glorious touchdown

Replay glorious touchdown

PlayTrack allows you to find plays of your son or daughter quickly.  You can watch all of your player’s plays one after another.  You and your player can watch the video frame-by-frame if you want to, finding ways to improve or just to relive a glorious moment.

PlayTrack will be able to save favorite play lists.  You will be able to use those play lists to make highlight films to enjoy with family or send to college scouts.


Touchdowns against defense

Selecting specific plays

You can save precious time with your team by watching only plays you want to cover.  Let’s say you had a particularyly bad night.  You could easily select touchdowns against your defense.  This may reveal a specific weakness in your defense.  As an example, after one of our games in which we got blown out, I replayed touchdowns when we were on defense.  I found that most of the time we were scored against was due to big plays of 30 yards or more.  Several more than 50 yards.  I’m not a football coach, maybe this would have been obvious to you, but it revealed to me that our secondary was crashing the line.  If that safety missed a tackle 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, there was nobody behind him to stop the runner.  Even if it is obvious to coaches, you’ve got to get that across to the players.  Showing 5 touchdown plays in a row, all greater than 30 yards may get the point across on Saturday morning film review.

Offensive line study.  Simply replay plays on offense, step frame-by-frame and you can point out the good and the bad of your line’s footwork, pass protection or blocking ability.


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